Monday, December 6, 2010

Dinner and Coffee with the Brus

I had dinner and coffee with my brus Friday night. I haven't been out much with my friends lately (mostly because after work, I am dead tired), but I made sure I found time to do dinner this once. V is home for the holidays, and B owed G and I dinner! LOL. So off we went to have dinner at Circles and coffee at nearby UCC.

It's great the way time passes when you're having fun. We were laughing and reminiscing about highschool that we didn't realize it was past 3am already!

I realize now how much I've missed my friends - real friends at that. Friends that stick with you through the thin.

THIS CHRISTMAS, I WANT TO RELIVE THE GOOD STUFF FROM MY PAST. REMINISCE THE GOOD AND BAD, BUT RELISH THE SWEETNESS OF ALL THINGS GOOD (including my all time fav coffee indulgence - a sinful Sumiyaki Coffee Jelly from UCC! I think I had more than 20 of those when pregnant with A, oops!).

What are the things you remember most during the holiday season?

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