Thursday, February 21, 2013

Extreme Level 20 on Carrot Fantasy!

Yes, folks, it's another Carrot Fantasy post. My friends need help so here's my attempt at making another walkthrough - this time for Extreme Level 20. I'm actually surprised that the regulars haven't made one yet. I am actually tempted to do a video tutorial, but I always forget. Maybe when Ice World comes out...

So anyway, I hope you understand my quick walkthrough.

A few notes before you start your game. You have to get the first few waves right, or else, it won't work. It is important that once you plant your ROCKET and reveal the second ROCKET, they destroy the obstacle holding the ELECTRIC BALL on the upper right of the track. Anyway, you'll see what I mean when you start playing using this walkthrough.

First step is to plant a ROCKET on empty plot next to the hole where the pests come out (Pic 1).

(Pic 1) Upgrade your ROCKET to max. 
Killing the pests on wave 1 will reveal a second ROCKET from the small, upper left wooden chest. Upgrade this as you go (Pic 2a). It is important that as you go through wave 2 and 3, the second ROCKET destroys the small, upper right chest as this holds the ELECTRIC BALL that will help you kill the pests coming towards the carrot. This will also help you reveal the next helpful towers. (Pic 2b).

(Pic 2a) Second ROCKET must shoot towards the direction of the upper right chest (next to carrot).
I usually aim/ click on the cactus above first ROCKET after wave 2, such that the second ROCKET aims higher after destroying the obstacle.
Try and try until you get this right.
Don't forget to upgrade your second ROCKET to max as you go.
(Pic 2b) You must get that purple ELECTRIC BALL out in play on Wave 3.
Wave 4 has those pesky black cats that will get to the carrot fast.
This will help you destroy the small obstacles below it and the giant cactus across it.
Upgrade ELECTRIC BALL first. Then upgrade your POWER UP tower (from small, orange cactus) ONCE.
Again, if you fail to get the ELECTRIC BALL out in play by Wave 3, and the black cats get to the carrot on Wave 4, TRY AGAIN. The Restart button is your friend. LOL!

Once you've destroyed the giant cactus, plant an ELECTRIC BALL beside the large chest (see pic 3 below). Upgrade the ELECTRIC BALL once, when you can to help you destroy the chest faster. You must get this chest destroyed at the beginning of wave 5. During this process, you may upgrade your POWER UP tower to max and upgrade the ARROWS once. 

(Pic 3) Plant that ELECTRIC BALL beside the large chest and get it out of the way by the start or middle of Wave 5.
Wave 5 brings a giant MUMMY pest that will be hard to kill without slowing it down.
The chest will hold MUSHROOMS that will help you through wave 5. 
Once MUSHROOMS have been revealed,
upgrade the ELECTRIC BALL and ARROWS to max, as well as the MUSHROOMS (as much as you can).  
Destroy all obstacles around you. This lower right, giant chest will hold STAR towers.
Upgrade the upper two to max and replace lower two with ELECTRIC BALLs. Upgrade to max.
Place a ROCKET right beside upper right STAR. Upgrade.
In order to destroy the last remaining large chest (upper left large chest will open on its own with ROCKET cross fire),
plant a FREEZE tower and ELECTRIC BALL beside it. Upgrade ELECTRIC BALL and FREEZE tower to max.
The chest will contain four FREEZE towers.
Replace two of the lower FREEZE towers (from the last large chest) with ROCKETS.
Upgrade remaining FREEZE towers to max.
Across, plant two ELECTRIC BALL towers in between the upper MUD/POO and MUSHROOMS and upgrade.
Plant a ROCKET across right STAR tower. Upgrade when you can to max.
Sacrifice CLOVER (from small chest on lower left of track) for extra coins.
Play the next ten waves or so to gain more purchase power. Plant towers as shown on picture above.
Make sure you upgrade these towers to max when you can.
You need not upgrade the upper MUD/POO towers, just the lower ones right next to the track.
But make sure you max upgrade the POWER UP towers as this will give you extra killing power.
Plant two more FREEZE towers to the left of your existing FREEZE towers.
And two more ROCKETS below those, when you can. You may sacrifice the two upper MUD/POO towers for coins.
Different results may happen. It all depends on which tower you plant first. The key to getting more coins is planting your strong towers towards the end of the track. That way, pests can still go near the MAX MUSHROOMS, which give extra coins each time their bubbles hit the pests (but you knew that already).

This is how my line-up looked right at the start of wave 30.
Sometimes, I could have enough coins to fill the last remaining plot on the right with an extra ROCKET.
But really, it doesn't matter. As long as your other weapons are maxed, you will get to kill these BOSSES off.
Killing off the initial stream of pests on Wave 30 will give you enough coins to place that extra ROCKET and upgrade all other ROCKETS. Don't forget to click on the BOSS to ensure your weapons target it.

Don't you just love CARROT FANTASY? I am addicted to it!

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Please do give me props or at least LIKE this post if this walkthrough helped you. Thanks! And yes, I am working on LEVEL 21. Soon on the blog!


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  2. The walkthrough for Extreme 21 has been posted. :)

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  4. Here you go! Walkthrough for Extreme 23!

  5. This game always makes me cry haha


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