Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life is Short

My good friend and sister for life, T, recently lost her dad to cancer. He was given a few weeks to live when they found out last year, but got to live long enough to see and meet his long, lost daughter, R/K, who finally flew to the US four days before his passing.

How sad. But R/K says it was perfect timing. Had she moved her flight a few days later, she wouldn't have gotten the chance to hug her dad ever. T posted a photo of her sis and her dad about two days before he passed. The photo haunts me to this day - it is a reminder of what could be. But it is also a great picture of a father's love. R/K was given up for adoption right after she was born. The story (I shall reserve for next time) and how she found her birth family, is an amazing one. So all these years, she hasn't seen her parents in the flesh (just over Skype and social networks since she tracked them down a few years back).

Anyway, I sometimes wonder about our R and how he feels about living away from his kids. Will he finally wake up one day and realize the void, or will he figure it out too late? God has been good all these years though, but I can't help but fret sometimes. Life is short and our kids deserve better.

Life is short. Find time.

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