Thursday, February 14, 2013

Extreme 18!

Okay, non-players, please don't get mad if I post another How-To blog on Carrot Fantasy. I just find these walkthroughs helpful, so since there are only a handful, if not none, on the web for the new Extreme levels, I might as well help others get to their Golden Carrot. LOL!

My brother (yes, same brother who got gold on 17 in 15 minutes, when I was stuck for 2 whole friggin' weeks) was stuck on this level for a few days. I got this in a day (yes, long by some standards but still...). So I took screenshots to help him see this level through. I read some comments on the Carrot Fantasy Facebook page on how some got to the Golden Carrot by sacrificing the rockets, but after trying to master this level that way and no luck, I decided to try it with the rockets.

Anyway, a few steps below for your reference.

Start with placing two GAS bottles on the two available plots below the track.
Have the left one destroy the chest beside it, while you let the right one do the killing.

Clear out all obstacles at the bottom, making sure you upgrade all to max.
Add STAR towers beside the AIRPLANES (also on right - the crates will contain AIRPLANES). 

Clear windmill in the middle bottom. Add two side by side ARROWS and upgrade to max. 

Clear side windmills. The middle top windmill will clear itself on its own.
Add ARROWS where top middle windmill used to be. Only bottom row. Max upgrade.

Once you've upgraded your ARROWS, work on the upper crates.
These crates contain the ROCKETS. Work on the left ones first. Then the right.
Max upgrade the ROCKETS as you go. Sacrifice the red GAS bottles for coins.

Add a STAR on the left and an ARROW below it. Max upgrade.
Do the same on the right side, only place the ARROW first, then add a STAR below it.  Max upgrade.

As you progress through each wave, use your coins to place STAR towers on top of the middle top ARROWS.
You may try to max upgrade.

When you reach FINAL WAVE, play as is until the orange boss reaches the point where the left ARROWS can no longer reach it. PAUSE.

Move left ARROW and STAR to right, above existing ARROW and STAR (as shown).
This should help you kill the boss and get the GOLDEN CARROT!



I hope this helps. Please LIKE this post if it helped you. Hehehe. Will post walkthroughs for the next levels on Extreme when I find time to do so. But yes, I can't wait for ICE WORLD! Update, please!


  1. Sorry, the two gas cans at the beginning doesnt work. It wont clear out the chest on 2nd wave and the right gas can cant destroy the creeps on that wave.

  2. Must I do a step-by-step explanation? hehe. You need to upgrade one gas bottle on second wave. I think. It's been so long since I played this level!

    But it works.


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