Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Spoke Too Soon?

:P Nyar.

So I spoke too soon. Was I wrong? Did I read you all wrong?

The only way you will ever get out of that rut is if you allow God to fix you. You can't do it yourself. You can't escape from your past. The truth will always come out! You can't go changing your name, hoping your past gets erased with the other name. We live in such a small world! And your world gets smaller by the day!

Please, I hope by now you've realized that I am not after you. I am not chasing after anything. I only want what's best for you because I care for you. We're best friends (at least we used to be). It's sad to see you like this. You've degraded your self-worth to that of dirt! Or maybe, like Julianne Potter, you're lower than dirt. Sigh. Sayang ka e. You've wasted your life, for what? Respect yourself naman. Value yourself. Don't feel like you have to live up to reputation. There's always hope in God. He can fix this for you! He can still make something beautiful out of your life. That is, if you allow Him to.

Man, do it for yourself.

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