Monday, May 23, 2016


I hope you don't mind another post about McDonald's, one of RL's happy places. But the little boy has been bugging me to upload his unboxing video already. So here it is.

McDonald's launches its newest Happy Meal - ANGRY BIRDS! RL was all too thrilled, as he loves this game app. My dad loves it, too, so he was as excited as the little boy (and wanted to buy a whole set so they could play).

Excited for his Angry Birds Happy Meal!

McDonald's treated us out to catch a private showing of the new Angry Birds Movie two Saturdays ago. We loved it, and the kids can't wait to get it on video. Thank you, McDonald's!

RL and Red.

RL decided he wanted his friends and neighbors, Carlo and Alex, to join his unboxing video. I wasn't around to supervise the shoot, so A took over. But it started to rain that afternoon so she had to cut the shoot short. The rest of the shoot (part where RL features the different toys and what they do) was done in the office the next day using a different camera. The kids did pretty well, given the circumstances. Please do give them a thumbs up to encourage them!

Catch the Angry Birds Happy Meal toys at McDonald's and bring the Angry Birds game to life!


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