Sunday, May 22, 2016

#MommaDiaries | RL - AT YOUR SERVICE!

This summer, RL wanted to do a lot of things. As in, he had his whole game plan on what activities to do - drums, swimming, golf, Kiddie Crew, art, etc. Of course, he couldn't do everything at the same time... so while he had drums and golf on most days, we saved a week for McDonald's Kiddie Crew.

Summer is not complete without the annual Kiddie Crew Workshop at McDonald's! We were blessed to get a slot for the ABSCBN Branch, as it is nearest the office - next to EDSA Panay, which is currently under renovation.

RL getting briefed by Kuya Deo from McDonald's ABSCBN.

This isn't RL's first time at McDonald's Kiddie Crew. He missed last year's though, so he was eager to do this again this summer. Over 400 participating McDonald's stores are conducting Kiddie Crew workshops this year. This awesome family program has been running since 1992. McDonald's is a pioneer in getting kids to learn the ropes in running a store. The kids go through a fun-filled 5-day learning workshop that encourages them to develop a sense of discipline, hard work, teamwork, responsibility and sharing.

RL and front counter duties.

Happy, little server!

RL was all too excited for his week at McDonald's. His favorite day was Drive-Thru Day!

Excited to lead the afternoon team at Drive-Thru!

Serving a Drive-Thru customer.

RL was surprised to find his first-grade classmate, Ramon, as one of the passengers in a car that drove-thru that day. So yes, that was extra exciting for him. Our HR Manager, Mikey, also drove-thru this particular branch unplanned. RL was so proud. Haha!

These cuties made the Drive-Thru section fun!

The kids also learned how to make their own McDonald's Cheeseburgers. Having done this several times in the past, and being a regular at KidZania, RL felt like quite the expert - he even asked that they leave out the dill pickle for his set of ingredients.

Let me make you a McDonald's Cheeseburger.

All done!

Aside from actual store duties, the kids also do arts and crafts, singing and dancing.

Dancing to BigBang's Fantastic Baby!

Overall, it was a week well-spent. The workshop culminated with a recognition and awarding ceremony.

RL's batch of Kiddie Crew 2016 Graduates!

Thank you, Deo, for your hard work and dedication. You are very much appreciated!

Thank you, McDonald's for being part of RL's memorable summer. He claims it to be the best summer ever... so far. Hehe.

You can enroll your kids, nieces, nephews, siblings or cousins age 6-12 years old for a fee of PHP650. Kiddie Crew participants will get a workshop t-shirt, cap, bag, I.D., workshop materials, pin/badge for every activity, apron, chef’s hat, meals for five days, and a certificate. Kiddie Crew workshops will culminate in Grand Graduation ceremonies in nine major areas around the country such as Pampanga, North Manila, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, and Metro Manila.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshops are running every week at several stores Nationwide. But you must hurry because last day for registration is on May 27, 2016! For more information, check out this link or visit a McDonald's store today!


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