Monday, May 2, 2016

#MommaDiaries | Celebrating 14 Years @ Miao Cat Cafe!

My not-so-little teddy bear is no longer a baby. She is now 14 - imagine that! To celebrate, she decided she wanted a small get-together at a cat cafe. So she did the planning, and we took her cat-loving friends plus RL to Miao Cat Cafe on Congressional.

We've been wanting to visit Miao since it first opened. This is actually our second visit, since we went to check it out in March. The hard part in inviting a small group is you need to carefully weed out your list. A hopes her other friends would understand that Momma's budget is limited, and she wanted her guests to enjoy the cats (not everyone loves cats. KY hates them so she did not go).

I had BentoMomma Moneigh call up the owner (they used to be officemates) so at least they knew the kids were coming. Miao Cat Cafe is a cozy little cafe hidden on top of Cake 2 Go on Congressional Avenue in Quezon City. They renovated last year, so it is now bigger than when they first opened.

This is my favorite nook at the cafe. So cozy!

The beautiful thing about Miao Cat Cafe is that it is home to a lot of cat breeds. They even have a Sphinx and a beautiful Maine Coon!

Meet Aubrey, the resident Maine Coon cat. 

Aside from all these purebred cats, Miao also fosters rescued Puspins (Pusang Pinoy or Pusang Kalye).

A and her fave puspin, Tiger.

Together they make such a happy place for cat lovers like my A and RL.

Meet Elfiya, the Scottishfold. 

Yes, we love boxes! And crates! And baskets! And all sorts of hiding places. 

We packed a cat-themed pouch with kitty goodies (we forgot the candies!). I had our baker make cat-themed sugar cookies, too!

Meowwwww... everything kitty cat.

The kids spent a good two hours (one shift) at the cafe. The entrance for each child is P150 per shift. I chose to pay the adult fee of P300 so they can order food and drinks as the entrance for adults comes with it.  The child fee only includes a drink.

A said the other kids were thrilled to be with the cats. Meanwhile, my daughter played host so well, she was too busy to take photos even though she had my camera.

RL with Cotton, the alpha male. 

If you're visiting Miao, do wear socks as you will be required to leave your shoes at the foyer and change to disinfected slippers. They also have a number of rules you will need to follow, plus a waiver to sign.

Happy 14th to my teddy bear, my panda, my A! We love you!  

Miao Cat Cafe is located at 2F, #7 Congressional Avenue (on top of Cake2Go), Quezon City. Please take note of their shifts throughout the day.

Shifts at Miao Cat Cafe.

Thank you, Miao Cat Cafe, for allowing my daughter and her friends to celebrate her special day with your cats. She really loves your place. We will be back!


Happy Birthday, A!

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  1. Soooo cute! I love cats and their "I don't care" attitude. I'll visit this place soon


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