Sunday, March 30, 2014

Super Mario Invades McDonald's!

So late last week, McDonald's announced their new Happy Meal. 

First with this teaser on Thursday...

Then with this one posted on their Facebook page on Friday...

Knowing that this was Super Mario and friends excited the kid in me. My daughter A loves Mario, and this would be something I knew she'd collect. But she is spending the week at my mom's house. So Momma took it upon herself to start the collection. Hahaha! RL was only too excited to get his hands on Mario (the only one he really knows out of the bunch).

Last night, we drove thru for our first two toys. Then again, tonight, for another toy. 

Mario with Pipe. Push Mario inside the pipe, and press down on board (included) and he pops right back up.

Mario with ? Block. Help Mario hit the ? Block and it will ping, just like in the game!

Mario with Goal Pole. The base is a self-inking stamp of Mario's face!

I love it that you can order any Happy Meal with french fries, even McSpaghetti! 

There are eight toys to collect! So head on over to McDonald's and get Super Mario and his friends with every McDonald's Happy Meal you buy!

I can't wait to complete my set! Oh wait, A's! I meant A's set. Hehehe.


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