Tuesday, March 18, 2014

S&R Big Deal No. 4

These BUY ONE, TAKE ONE Health and Beauty deals are irresistible! The H calls me a hoarder but look, he benefits from it! All he has to do is "shop" for whatever he needs from our toiletry supplies shelf (or wait, shelves), and voila!

I am loving the Health and Beauty deals from S&R's March Big Deals. Look, two tubes of toothpaste (Colgate at that!) for only P199.95! If you prefer Colgate Liquid Gel, it's also on sale at BUY ONE, TAKE ONE for the same price! And I love, love, love the fact that L'Oreal Color Vive is on sale at BUY ONE, TAKE ONE (thunder hair kasi, LOL)!

Some of my friends didn't appreciate it that S&R didn't put their Safeguard or Ivory Soap Packs on BUY ONE, TAKE ONE. But look, if you know last September's price, you'll realize that the P399.95 price for two packs comes out to just P30.00 more than the last Members' Treat price (P369.95, BOTO). So technically, same lang, only pricier (but P30.00 isn't too bad).

I haven't gone around this area much because we had to rush back to the office when we checked out the sale, but I do remember seeing A LOT of items at discounted prices. Take these vitamins, for instance...

Calcium Gummy Bears, only P499.95! Not seen in pic are bottles of Omega 3 Alaskan Salmon Oil, only P1,149.95!

I must admit I haven't had time to go back, but S&R has announced that they are adding more and more items on sale everyday! How exciting, and it's not even Members' Treat yet. My only fear is spending too much now and not having enough when April 2-6 comes along. Argh!

Have you checked out March Big Deals? Any great finds?


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You also don't want to miss April's Members' Treat! Yes, it's S&R's bi-annual sale, happening next month - ALL BRANCHES, too!

APRIL 2 to 6, 2014; 8AM - 9PM 

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