Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Passion 2014!

Passion Manila 2014 is happening this week, and this is mainly why I haven't had time for the blog (and other things). Yes, the worldwide student movement of the Passion Conferences (led by Pastor Louie Giglio) will once again be on Philippine soil, and it is two days away!!!

If you were there during Passion Manila 2008 and 2010, you should know how incredible an impact they had on thousands of students - lives were forever transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit on those days. After 3 long years, they are back! I can't wait for Thursday and Friday!

If you're going, don't forget to bring a clean, new towel to donate to Operation Blessing! They are collecting these for the benefit of High School students in the Visayas affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Now, if you don't have tickets...

Here's good news! Becca Music, in cooperation with House of Praise, is sponsoring this week's giveaway (well last week's, but you already know I'm a week behind my giveaways, so anyway...)!

I am giving away a total of four Passion tickets for Thursday, March 27. Two Patron tickets, and 2 Upper Box A tickets. Two people will win this week, each receiving a pair. Winners will be picked by 11:59PM tonight, right when the giveaway ends. Winners may claim their tickets from me at the Smart Araneta Coliseum anytime after 4PM on Thursday. So simple to join! And well, you know what to do... Remember, the promo ends tonight at 11:59PM, so join right away - right when you read this. Yes, pronto.

Don't forget to give me your mobile number (first entry option) so I can inform you once you win (I will be texting at midnight, so please don't get mad).

And remember, this giveaway will only run for 24hours.

So. Join now!

~~~ * ~~~


I just picked both Patron and Upper A Ticket Winners!

Congratulations to...

DIOSA DE GUZMAN (Winner of 2 Patron Tickets)
and to... 
DEEYAN DIMARUCUT (Winner of 2 Upper A Tickets) 

I sent a text to you both. Please reply to confirm that you can make it. You may also assign a proxy or transfer your prize to your friend. But please let me know. I've given you instructions on how you can claim your tickets. Again, please text back before 3pm or I will give away your tickets to people waiting outside the venue.

And yes, please don't forget to bring a clean towel to donate.


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