Tuesday, May 25, 2010

4 more Hours!

Here in room number 9, waiting for Passion: Manila 2010 to start. My brother has our merchandise team ready at the gates, waiting on the Passion Team to begin with their briefing.

Almost two years ago, at a different venue, when Passion: Manila 2008 was all happening, I was still pregnant with my little boy. Fresh from two months of bed rest due to a low-lying placenta, my OB then wasn't sure I was fit to work, but I knew that God wanted me there. And I wouldn't miss it for the world, so I sorta convinced my OB to watch with me, and voila! I got to work at the event.

And now, Passion: Manila 2010 is about to happen! I am more than excited for things to come. God is moving in the Philippines! Four hours before the event and we have lines outside the big dome already waiting for gates to open. Reminiscent of two years ago, when people braved the rain just to be there. And just like then, the show sold out! This time, at a bigger venue, we've sold out just the same. And people are still begging for extra tickets!

I am giddy! God is God of this city! :)

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