Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today I got to talk to A's original nanny (the one who had two babies in a span of one year!), and was told that the other nanny (her cousin who got the pox) has been spreading rumors about me the moment she got back to Bohol.


Ok, so what's new? Apparently, I am now a selfish boss. And that I don't feed my house-help well, and that I don't share the food in the house. What???!!! Where did that come from? Unlike other households, my helpers (and it's usually just one helper until this particular nanny came along, because she was just 18 and couldn't handle RL and the household chores at the same time) eat the same food we do. If it's steak, then they get steak as well. If it's tuyo, then it's tuyo as well. Each time we go to the grocery, I ask her if she wants anything, and get her snacks, extra food for those days we don't have dinner at home, toiletries, etc. So really, I have no idea where that came from.

On her 19th birthday last February, in spite of the fact that she casually informed me she was leaving in less than two weeks time, I bought her a cake and a shirt as a gift. My daughter gave her a "party" and I even took pictures. During the New Year holidays, we took her with us when we stayed at a hotel, and she had the buffets with us. I don't really like to retell what I did or did not do for her, my point is: I treated her well, as if she was my own daughter! And now, she tells her relatives and friends back in Bohol what a b*tch of a boss I was!

And she had the gall to compare me with Lord Voldemort (!LOL!), telling her own mother that "Buti pa si Sir, lagi kami binibigyan ng pagkain at binibilhan ng tinapay. Pero si Ma'am, tinitipid kami. Di man lang kami bilhan ng kape." Excuse me, should you check out our pantry, my helpers drink premium coffee from the office - Folgers, nonetheless! And in the first place, her "Sir" was NEVER her "Sir"!!! She was only in my employ for 4 whole months, and during those 4 whole months, she's probably seen R a total of 24hours max (maybe even less)! He wasn't even living with us! He hardly visited and when he did, he neither spent more than an hour, nor did he give money or buy us anything.

The thing with R is he knows how to bribe house help! He'd give them 30pesos for load, or like ice cream for merienda. Then he'll pretend to be the "good" boss. But he's all talk! Let me see him shell out money for your salary first before you go on comparing him to me! Ha! And if he'll bring food home, it's usually leftovers from a date he had with his "gym buddies" (yea, gym buddies, right!). But can you even rely on him to bring us a week's groceries? To buy the kids - milk? Or the baby - his diapers? Can you even rely on him to pay for rent? For electricity? Water? Gas?!!! I currently have a bill for 32,000++pesos in association dues and water, which he never paid as promised! And when he lived with us, all he ever paid for was the bi-weekly container of water - that's 40pesos per!

So, please, stop yakking because you don't know who your "Sir" is! And we both know I treated you well. Better than anyone ever did in your whole life. You have a pair of Havaiannas and a pair of Crocs Gabby as proof. Grrr.


Sorry, I just needed to rant. :P

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