Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I spent the past two days visiting with my folks and sibs. My brother had the Wii set up at his new pad, and A was excited to try it out. She spent the whole day today playing bowling against my dad and the rest of the family. She's pretty good bowling strikes and double strikes. In fact, she scored the highest out of all of us, which of course made her extremely proud and happy (she has yet to learn how to be a good sport though).

Spending days with my parents make me vulnerable to prying Qs - ones I have been trying to avoid each time I visit with them. I mean, going out of town with them is a different case since we're out most of the time, and the young ones always go out on their own, while the folks rest. So yesterday and today gave my mom the opportunity to discuss "stuff" with me. However, I was surprised that she actually avoided THE subject. Yesterday, over Mother's Day brunch at Rockwell, she declared that the mere mention of you-know-who is now taboo. Not that we were quick to infer, as she herself forgot who you-know-who was after a few subjects down. LOL! We were on the subject of grilled pineapples and a funny memory came to me - at which I started chuckling, as did KY, who knew the story well from when it was first told and retold. So my sibs and I burst into laughter. This, of course, caught my mom's attention. She then proceeded to ask about the "funny thing" about grilled pineapples, and of course I replied with "Nada, Mom. You don't wanna know." She gives me a look and prods for me to explain. "Ma, you said not to tell you if it involves you-know-who..." And she gives me a puzzled look and says, "Who?" Hahaha!

Anyway, of course she didn't get to hear the story. I know how telling her would bring on the subject of why I chose him over others, and why this and that. So I changed the subject or maybe KY gave an answer that satisfied her longing to know. But let me tell you about you-know-who and the pineapples anyway (just for kicks):

We were having dinner at Brazil! Brazil! once over at Metrowalk, and you-know-who sees a server bringing out pineapples. He calls her to our table and asks "Miss, ano yan?"

"Grilled Pineapples po." She gave him a look that said "Obvious ba?"

You-know-who turns to me and says out loud, "Paborito ko ang pinya diba? Kaya, miss (turns back to server), bigyan mo ako ng madami niyan." He gets about 10 slices.

He takes one bite and exclaims out loud, "Ba't ang init ng pinya???!!!" Everyone turns and looks at him. The server laughs and says, "Sir, grilled pineapple nga po. Syempre po mainit. Bagong luto po e." He spits out the pineapple and refused to take another bite. He gave me his remaining 9 slices, and of course I gave them all back. "Paborito mo yan, diba?" LOL!


Today, my mom comes up to me after dinner to tell me that the baby is beginning to look more and more like he-who-must-not-be-named. So, now it's no longer you-know-who? Easier for her to remember daw who she wanted to refer to (madami kasing you-know-who), but I should know who anyway. Why yes, of course.

And if you're wondering who you-know-who, who-must-not-be-named, is... well... ah! I'm sure you already know who. ;)

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  1. LOL. this post made my day, Kaye! Glad to know you had a blast last Mother's day! Take care.


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