Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary, K!

Has it been a year? Wow.

Just last week, my trusted friend and officemate, D, mentioned that he hasn't seen me cry in over a year now. "Diba, had you decided sooner, then baka two years ka nang di umiiyak..." Wow. One year. I couldn't even see this happening two years ago. Last year, when I decided that I had the final straw with R refusing to pay A's tuition, I thought I'd break with the first step - what with a new baby, and the tail end of postpartum blues. But I thought wrong. It was hard, yes, but the succeeding blows, plus a major breakout, made things way, way easier than I had expected.

I am not saying I am proud about what had happened. Having a broken family isn't something to be proud of. But it isn't something to be ashamed of either! Things happen for a reason. And this separation has made me stronger and wiser. I do not know where I am heading, but one thing's for sure: God holds our future! I can only pray for my kids and their future families - that the curse will not be passed on to them and future generations. God will make this right somehow, someday. How? I do not know. I just know He can make something good come out of all of this.

The support I got from family and friends during the past year has been immeasurable. For that, I am extremely grateful. I am most thankful for the peace God has given me. He never left me, I was always in His hands. His comfort overwhelmed me, so much so that I hardly felt alone.

God has been good! Life is great. So yea, Happy, Happy Anniversary to me. :)


  1. happy anniversary kaye :-) congratulations on a great journey and here's to better and brighter days ahead!

  2. thanks, Ria! i owe you prizes for a contest. sorry, couldn't follow through with your form. been really busy at work. :) separate contest nalang for your next run.

  3. Hi Kaye! Trisha here. I also come from a broken family so I understand where you come from. The good Lord has been good to me even though I rebelled to him for the longest time, HE gave me a nice & understanding husband ever, someone who wont make me cry etc...

    Now, I pray that God will be good to you too and to grant you happiness... :)

  4. my sweet, brave kaye, after reading this, i'd hug you if i can. Let this be an anniversary of many things: of growing-up, of trusting Him, of loving and respecting the you that God created.

    Everything as in E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. will be all right. Keep the faith, kaye -- ms. g.

  5. Aww.. thanks, Ms. G! Comments from people like you remind me of my old self. I know God has something good in store for me. :) And that everything will be fine.


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