Friday, May 7, 2010

Change is Good

New nanny. New lifestyle. New business. New take on work. New outlook in life. New resolve. Yes, change is good.

I feel confident. Wait, scratch that. I AM CONFIDENT that things will be better now. From now on, my goal is to get my kids to their happy place, start anew and live life. I refuse to let the past haunt us. And that includes shutting the door on the one that keeps dragging us down.

Where is the old K, who hoped in the Lord and waited oh-so-patiently (Well, sometimes! Nyaha)? I'm still here. It's just that, this time, I am doing this the right way. God didn't mean for life to be miserable. So I told myself to stop sitting on that pile of sh*t. Instead, I am picking up the good stuff, dusting myself and moving forward. :) Yes, change is good.

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