Monday, May 3, 2010

Blog Holiday... yet again!

Been trying to cope with my list of things-to-do, what without a real nanny at home. My current helper is leaving for home this Friday, and her older sister has come to take her place. At least I have someone I can trust. My mom says I am now officially indebted to my original nanny's family. Yes, it is a family affair, after having her, her 3 sisters, her brother, and her cousin in my employ. Nyar.

So I haven't really had time to blog. Will try to catch up soon.


  1. girl, i don't know how to share this with you, i hope at the very least it would make you smile. anyway, it's a funny take on the issue.


    Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

    As wives (or ex wives), we tell ourselves that for as long as our husbands go home to us at night, he must be faithful.

    You wish.

    Being single all over again has opened my eyes to the brazen tactics of some married men. For not so obvious reasons, there are Filipino married men who prey on the single moms and separated women. It’s as if re-singled women carry a hang tag with a bar code that causes these dirty old men’s sensors to beep.

    And so you see, it is possible for a re-singled woman to view a cheating husband from both sides of the fence. You may notice some of the signs like:

    1. His mobile is on silent mode. ALWAYS. He will claim that his ring tone emits an annoying sound. Well, if it’s his mistress that calls while he is having dinner with The Wife, then of course THAT is an annoying sound; otherwise, if The Wife hears that the mistress is calling, then The Wife will surely create an annoying sound.

    2. He has several sim cards or cellphones. He will say that it’s work-related and that having different phone lines prevents him from being bothered during his rest periods. Well, let me just reveal that when married men get together for their regular happy hour sessions, they exchange notes about their affairs and they show off their bad boy phones to their potbellied groupie. Having two cell phones may be normal for some, but to have three or four? Hmmm….either he has three women in his life or he has two ladies and a gay partner….LOL….

    3. He keeps his extra cell phone/s in his car while he sleeps at night. Go ahead. Take a look. It could be in the glove compartment, under his seat, in the trunk, maybe even under the hood! LOL…

    4. He disappears in the morning or in the afternoon. Some women mistakenly assume that men cheat only at night maybe because nighttime seems like the best setting to hide or do something dirty. Well, philandering husbands are like cockroaches. They survive holocausts and mutate into daywalkers just to avoid getting caught. If you busted them dating at night, then you had better prepare yourself for the breakfast and lunch dates next. What to do? call him during the day at two-hour intervals so that he can’t get the deed up, I mean , done.

    5. He starts changing his wardrobe. All of a sudden, your man becomes a fashionista. He is more conscious about his outfits and seems to shop for more new clothes than is usual. This is one area where men can be very predictable. The biggest thing that a man can have is not his anatomy, but his ego. A cheating husband can’t stand the thought of not looking good to his new “loves”.


  2. Thanks for sharing! One of my readers actually wrote that piece (and shared it as a comment on one post here, somewhere)! Don't you just love it? I was planning on writing a commentary on that, but I've been swamped with work and events lately! Will get to it, soon, I hope! :)


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