Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here, Kitty, Kitty...

Went to my mom's place early this evening to pick A up. As I was about to park, I caught a glimpse of a white scrawny kitten about to cross the street. So as I got down from my car, the first thing I did was call the kitten. Didn't want it to get run over by speeding cars on the street!

FYI: I can do a great meow and bow-wow. No kidding. You guys should hear me bark!

Anyway, the kitten quickly came over. I am guessing he is about a month old or so. So I picked him up and decided to surprise A. We brought him home with us. (Yea, yea, we have a puppy, but kittens and puppies can be friends - I will work on that in a few days)

Meet our new kitty friend...

Wanna help us name him? (Yes, he's a he!)

EDIT: I thought it was a she, but it turns out to be a he! Nyar!


  1. What about George? :)

  2. Try the name Puss... that adorable cat in Shrek :D JNP


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