Thursday, March 13, 2014

National Breakfast Day - Year 2!

Hooray! It's National Breakfast Day!

After the success of last year's first-ever National Breakfast Day, McDonald's will be celebrating National Breakfast Day once again. Happening on the 17th of March - that's on Monday - McDonald's will be giving away FREE MCMUFFINS!

Yes, that's FREE MCMUFFINS to the first 1,000 customers per participating store, from 6AM until supplies last. This year, close to 320 McDonald's breakfast stores will be participating in this event. Free McMuffins will be given away as appreciation to customers who make it a point to start their day at McDonald's.

“Breakfast is a significant business for McDonald’s. And we know the convenience of a hot McMuffin on-the-go makes breakfast so much more accessible for people who are often caught up in the morning rush,” says Andrew Hipsley, Chief Brand Officer of McDonald's for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

With National Breakfast Day, McDonald's aim is to have Filipinos get the filling meals they need, especially in the morning. We all know how essential a full meal is to anyone. A good breakfast can make or break your day. McDonald's understands this very well, as it has incorporated more and more breakfast items in their menu.

McDonald’s Philippines has been serving breakfast since the 1980’s, but this was re-launched in 2008 to include local products like the Hamdesal. Iconic menu items, like the Egg McMuffin - made with lightly grilled Canadian bacon, freshly cracked Grade A egg, and melty American-style cheese sandwiched between warm perfectly toasted English Muffins - have become a breakfast favorite (it is mine!) for Filipino customers who are on-the-go and prefer a no-fuss handheld meal.

“We continue to see potential growth in our breakfast business – and want to demonstrate that our delicious, quality breakfast is a convenient way to start the day,” says Kenneth S. Yang, McDonald's Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer.

I don't know about you, but there sure is something about starting the day with McDonald's. The smell of hotcakes and syrup or their iconic Longganisa Meal... omnomnom! I overslept last year and failed to make it to a McDonald's store on time. This year is going to be different! A new store opened two minutes away! I'm going to get that McMuffin on Monday. I will!

I can't wait for Monday! I want a FREE McMuffin!

March 17, 2014
6AM until 1,000 McMuffins have been given away!

For a list of participating stores, click here.


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