Thursday, March 27, 2014

McDonald's Kiddie Crew 2014!

I've been trying to convince RL to join this summer's McDonald's Kiddie Crew Program. We missed last year's cut-off because the little boy had a lot on his plate (swimming lessons then Trumpets). Then again, he might have been too young anyway.

This year, I wanted to be on time (and first in line at the McDonald's store two minutes away from where we live), so I bugged the peeps at McDonald's for this year's workshop schedule. All year round, I kept mentioning the opportunity to RL (a bad technique, I know, as I was projecting my ideals on the little man, oops - more on this on another post), and he wasn't too keen on it at first... until I mentioned that his big sister, A, joined Kiddie Crew when she was around his age (and we all know how he just idolizes his big sister). So two weeks ago, after reassuring him that he can do basketball clinic after McDonald's week, he gave in. Yes!

(Yes, yes, Momma and her childhood hang-ups. *sheepish grin*)

RL and Ronald McDonald!
And it was a blessing-in-disguise when, exactly two weeks ago, we were invited to the media launch for this year's Kiddie Crew Program. There, RL got to try out being part of McDonald's. We missed the kitchen tour because we were late, but he got to try out other activities similar to those they have lined up for this year's Kiddie Crew. He got to do crafts, paint his very own chef's hat, make his first-ever McDonald's Cheeseburger and hang out with other kids who love, love, love McDonald's.

During National Breakfast Day, I made sure to enroll him right away, and was set to let him start this week. But then of course I forgot about my uber-packed schedule, what with Passion Manila 2014 happening Thursday and Friday. So I asked to resched and got him in for next week instead.

I have no pictures of the orientation that happened Sunday morning, because I was too busy being the proud Momma! RL was called to the front to introduce himself to the other kids, and he did really well! All this time, I thought he was a boy of few words. Apparently, I thought wrong (I am so glad school helped him with developing confidence). He gladly went in front when they called his name out, took the mic and said "Hi, I'm RL. I am five years old, and my favorite food from McDonald's is chicken, rice and gravy." Haha, okay, I know he's very talkative in front of people he's comfortable with (family, friends, my officemates, etc), but put him in front of strangers (or his teacher during PTC) and he clams up. I suppose he's more mature now, and all that training for Musical Theatre has worked. Teehee. Mighty proud Momma here, I tell you.

The kids and their letter M (for McDonald's)

So anyway, yes, he's all set for next week. Can't tell you just how excited I am! I can't wait to visit during his shift! Thank goodness McDonald's decided to open a store near our home!

~~~ * ~~~

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop is now on its 22nd year (imagine that!), and this summer, kids ages 6-12* can enjoy activities the McDonald's way!

For only Php595, kids get to join the special 5-day workshop filled with activities such as burger-making, crafts, singing, dancing and fun restaurant on-floor training! What a great way to instill important work values and skills to your kids! The workshop fee also includes a limited-edition Kiddie Crew Workshop shirt, bag, ID lace, snacks and all materials for their daily activities.

Aside from the 5-day workshop, you and your kid also get to join the grand graduation event. All Kiddie Crew graduates will receive a McCelebrations Gift Certificate worth Php500, plus freebies to enjoy with their Kiddie Crew Club Card.

Painting his chef's hat...

Making his first-ever McDonald's Cheeseburger!

Eating his work of art!

So let your kids have a memorable (and cool!) summer experience - the McDonald's way! Registration is now open at participating McDonald's stores nationwide. Workshops will run until May 30, 2014.

Workshop schedule for 2014.

SIGN YOUR KIDS UP TODAY! Registration ends April 30.

*Kids below 6 years old may participate provided that their parents sign a Parents Approval/ Consent form. Only selected stores will allow this, depending on store traffic and available personnel, so please check with the store before you enroll your kid/s.

For more information, and for a complete list of participating stores, visit



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