Sunday, March 9, 2014

Finally... Smoovlatté!

We first discovered Nescafé's Smoovlatté in Hong Kong. I had needed coffee to soothe a pressing headache. So the kids and I walked into a 7-Eleven and saw it sitting on the chiller shelf. Didn't think it would be anything special, but surprisingly, it was true to its name. Smooth and good!

We took a couple of bottles back to Manila. I gave one to KC, my brother's coffee-addict friend, who stocks up on canned Nescafé coffee by the box. He loves his canned ready-to-drink coffee, yet asked for a bottle of Smoovlatté when I claimed (in a shout out on IG) that this one was way, way better than anything in a can. Haha, me and my big mouth.

| This is goooood!  thanks @nappykaye #coffee
Photo from KC, while watching the ADMU-DLSU volleyball match at SM Arena.

A week ago, my brother sends us a shout out on Facebook...

Its here!!!
Photo from KA, taken at Mini Stop Shell, Katipunan.

So we've been hoarding these lately. So far, the supermarkets don't have it... YET. Heard though that Rustan's got it recently (unconfirmed), but so far, no luck at the big stores. Smoovlatté comes in a 190ml bottle and retails for P39.00 at Mini Stop. The best part is... this whole bottle is only 110 Calories! I've been keeping tabs on Calories lately, and have been trying to keep my daily intake to a maximum of 1,000 kcal. So this ain't so bad.

My first bottle in Manila! After waiting just a couple of months. Yay!

Now please don't go lecturing me about coffee. I am no coffee connoisseur, and I will not claim to be one. I don't even drink a lot of coffee, and have actually limited my coffee drinking to about twice a week (health consequences). This is just something I felt I could share to my readers, because... well, it's good. And we were really glad to see this available in the market.

Yes, finally!

| This is not a paid post. Tsk. LOL!

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  1. Hey I feel you. I'm not a coffee lover myself and I only drink it when I need the caffeine buzz only a good cup of coffee can give. But this, Nescafe's Smoovlatte, is surprisingly delicious. I really like it, too. Although I find the price a little steep for a bottle of ready-to-drink coffee, I'll still go for it again. It's creamy and the sweetness is "just right."

    Have you tried the Kape In a Box of Nescafe? It's cheaper but Smoovlatte tastes better. =)


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