Monday, March 17, 2014

Thank you, McDonald's!

So we made it to McDonald's for National Breakfast Day. RL and I left the house at 5:15 am. We wanted to make sure we had a spot in line for FREE McMuffins at the new McDonald's store two minutes away. Whew! I hardly ever get up this early. Well, I do, but it's usually just to wake A up for school, then I go back to bed and snooze. Haha!

But waking up before the sun comes up sure has its perks. We were first in line at McDonald's today!

Thank goodness the McDonald's store near us now operates 24 hours!

Little boy is pleased that he is first in line!

Excited to get his FREE McMuffin! (Excuse the fashion fail!)

Getting his FREE McMuffin coupon!

RL got his FREE McMuffin coupon...

... and I got mine!

Yaya J came 15 minutes later (she had to wait for A to get picked up by the school bus), and then we only had a few minutes to go.

The line at 10 minutes to 6 am!

Pretty soon, it was time to head in for our FREE McMuffins! Hooray!

Our #NationalBreakfastDay coupons right before redemption!

"I want an Egg McMuffin and some Hotcakes, please!"

Yaya J and I got McCafe Premium Roast Coffee (only P25 each!) with our FREE McMuffins!

This, my folks, is a perfect Egg McMuffin! #omnomnom

At 6:46 am, the branch we were at had served 430 FREE McMuffins! 30 minutes later, they had already served 1,000!

Thank you, McDonald's! 

RL happy with his 2-pc hotcake meal (with Hot Choco) and his Egg McMuffin!

#HoorayforToday! We can't wait for next year!


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