Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tabasco Giveaway Winner!

I know! Kaye is late (again!). But Kaye is busy. Extremely busy. Hehe.

Today, I am taking a few hours off work (at 10PM) to catch up with entries for the blog. I actually started writing this entry Saturday afternoon, but apparently, it didn't save. Boo! So I had to start all over again. Anyway, let me go straight to the point and announce the winner...

...who will win all these from Tabasco!


Please wait for my email (which I will probably get to send next week, sorry!)! I shall ship your prize next week. Let me get this week over and done with first. Have events this week, and I will be out of commission until Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who joined this giveaway! And thank you to JA for sponsoring this. I will miss you! May God bless your new season in life!


  1. Ang galing mo nga. Super mommah! <3 Paano na yan, summer na. Kelangan half day ka na lang papasok sa office hahaha! And congratulations to your winner. Grabe we're the same. I also can't live without tabasco hay! Hello antacid! @_@

    1. Nako, kung pwede lang everyday hindi pumasok diba? Ayoko na nga magwork. Kaso, no choice.

      Idaan nalang sa kainan at Tabasco. Hahaha!


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