Sunday, April 10, 2011

Globe Update!

Well, after calling again for the nth time yesterday, the tech guys finally came to fix my line and broadband. But not after me getting pissed (well, not angry pissed, more like frustrated pissed) and calling Globe AGAIN to complain that they made us wait the whole day. The appointment for my Job Order was set for any time in the morning. I even called the Termination Hotline to have them prioritize the onsite visit. Well, guess what? They came at 630pm!

I knew better than to wait AT HOME all day. I left after lunch to go catch Kaos at Resorts World, while the nanny waited for the Globe contractors. Ha! Take that! But at 530pm, the guys were still a no-show. So I called Globe and demanded to know what was going on. At 630pm, the tech guys finally showed up. And you know what? When I asked them what the problem was, this was the answer they gave me: "Tangled po ang cable wires sa box."

Yun lang?

Yep, friends. Tangled cables. Nothing more. And it took them 3 weeks to check. Wait, they didn't even BOTHER to check in those 3 weeks! I had two other Job Orders CANCELLED BY GLOBE, because according to them, it was an area problem. Then it became a Luzon-wide problem. So tell me, how are tangled wires a Luzon-wide problem? Your guess is as good as mine.

If not for my friend J, who managed to shoot the tech guys an email at 6pm yesterday, I still wouldn't have a phone or this uber-slow net connection.

Haha, yea, lucky me.

At least the phone now works. I am really, really grateful for that. Now I have to rethink Plan B and do something about this super slow net speed. Any suggestions?


  1. I think globe is telling only half of the story. You mentioned that there was a globe system upgrade before you lost your voice/dsl connection.

    i surmised that the new routers are more sensitive to rx/tx (receive/trasnmit) mix-up. this is
    what happened to my voice/dsl connection and more likely the same with yours.

  2. erratum : it is not the routers but the new telephone exchange that have issues. also in one of my client i have to change all the linksys routers to thompson/speedtouch.

  3. even if there was an internal problem, it seems weird that their explanations don't jive with each other. plus the three weeks waiting period? for a person like me who needs to send regular reports online with strict deadlines from my boss, i definitely wouldn't survive. and having you wait until 630pm is just lousy service. booo...

  4. @nappykaye, what is the speed of your dsl plan? .49 mbps is about 512 kbps downstream and .12 mbps is about 128 kbps upstream. in chars your speed is about 50k download and 12k upload. for light web browsing (minimal or no video streaming) that should be enough. if your plan is more than .49/.12 mbps and globe is only giving you that much then time to bother them again.

  5. gosh, same thing happened to me around 2 years ago, first they tell me that there is trouble in the area. after a while, it was a system upgrade naman daw. then when i got mad and shouted and namedropped (which was actually just BS) they finally sent some techs and guess what? they were apologizing to the high heavens kasi "may nagalaw daw doon sa box noong may ginagAwa siguro" YA THINK?? i called globe, got really angry, name dropped some more and told them they better not bill me for those 3 weeks because it was their incompetence that caused that & it will reach their superiors! and they didn't, don't know if it's policy or all my screaming & BS! :)


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