Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And We're Back!

Spent Holy Week and then some in Beijing with the kids and the rest of the fam. I must say, it was a tiring week. I never imagined that the language barrier would pose crazy, frustrating moments. To think I knew a handful of basic Mandarin (thanks to an elective in 11th grade and a class from grade school).

But I couldn't even get by, save for some numbers when haggling and the basic-basic stuff like "water", "small", "big", "child" and well, you know what I mean. It's a good thing my brother had translation cards from the time he spent a summer there studying. But so much has changed since the Olympics, that the cards were useless for some places that no longer existed.

So we mostly had to rely on hand signals. And crazy english.

But yea, we survived. I even spent the last 3 days with just the kids. My folks and sibs went home ahead of us, since we couldn't book a flight. And those 3 days were the most fun I had with them, except for the fact that it is crazy-hard to hail a cab in Beijing!

Will post pictures tomorrow. Too tired to dig up the camera. Goodnight! Hope your Easter was meaningful!

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