Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rumors and Lies

I had dinner with a really good friend from R's former place of work. We haven't seen each other in a long time, so dinner at a famous buffet place was a welcome treat. We actually stayed until they closed the place.

Catch-up included current events, and crazy stories about the kids. And well, of course this friend wanted an update on R. I had very little to give, as I am not privy to his ins and outs (I no longer ask) so I just smiled. So this friend started talking about how it was when R first started working for them.

According to this friend, who incidentally was one of R's best buds at work, R claimed he was trapped into marrying me. Ok, old story... and? Well, they were all surprised when they met me. We weren't actually introduced. I was then a parent at the company school. "Sino bang napipikot? Diba yung mayaman?", my friend asked and slapped my arm.

I shrugged. He's been telling everyone that to justify his womanizing. It's old news. I am not affected.

"But why aren't you pissed? Totoo ba?"

Why should I be affected? I know it isn't true. We actually have a prenuptial agreement and I was practically disowned for the first few years I was married to him. How could I have made him pikot then?

My friend stares at me for a good 10 seconds. "You have a prenup?!"

Yes, friends, girls, readers, stalkers, we have a prenuptial agreement. It has been the wisest thing I ever did. R signed the agreement to convince my folks he was going to take care of me, because my folks never liked him.

So tell me, how do you force a man to marry you when he did all the convincing to get you to marry him? He tells everyone the same story - friends, common friends, far-off relatives, acquaintances, etc. I am not surprised. And I've heard this before. I've confronted him about it, too. He denies it but really, does it matter? All I know is IT ISN'T TRUE. Don't we have freedom of choice? I mean, did my dad stick a gun to his head? Heck, we had to FORCE my folks to come to the wedding!

It is sad when people choose to spread lies and baseless rumors. But the truth remains, if you know the truth, then the lies shouldn't affect you. I left it all to God, and I think I've been vindicated more than I could ever hope for.


  1. Can I just say that I really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY admire your strength. Really. I love seeing instances of how God works on people and it's really amazing.

    Take care and see you on Twitter (hahah) :)

  2. Hahaha! :)

    Sounds too familiar! And to say I didn't want to get married until 28 (next week) and I definitely wasn't done having fun yet (so maybe it was God's plan to get me to settle down), and I definitely wasn't ready for a baby (oh well, sink or swim method applied here!), and sooooo many other things--especially didn't want to deal with complicated people since I grew up dreaming of wonderful in-laws...and this is the complete opposite! Wish I had my ex's parents as in-laws instead. :) Not a secret...I even tell them that.

  3. VERY WISE decision to get a prenup.


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