Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick Update

I have a new helper. (Thank you, Lord!) So she's currently being trained by A! LOL! She feels she has mastered her chores in the past 2 months and has volunteered to stay home to teach Yaya B.

RL has yet to adjust. He insists on going to the office with me still. Weaning is such a heartbreaker! It pains me to see him cry. :( But he has to stay home. I can't get enough work done when the TV in my office is on, blasting Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Sigh. I'm gonna miss having him around though. I still thank God for giving me this opportunity to bond with my kids.

I haven't been able to update-update the past few days. I keep forgetting to buy a new Smart Bro card. So not used to using a prepaid device. Have to bug Globe to give me my service back! Hassle. I've been DM-ing @Talk2Globe on Twitter for feedback, and they hardly reply. Yesterday, after so many attempts, someone finally gets in touch with me, but still nada! I've also asked the help of my friend J, who works directly with Innove. Sigh. If I weren't tied to this plan, I'd switch.

I attended the party of R's childhood friend T last night. His wife served a mean Kilawin na Bangus, and I'm actually craving for more. I got to take some home and had that for lunch. But I'm still dreaming of it. Argh. I hate it when I crave for something I can't buy or make on my own.

Told R about the party, and he got pissed I went. T and G are my good friends, too. We used to attend the same small group for Church and their youngest is my goddaughter. I don't get it. He calls them "PG" for Patay-Gutom when in fact, they're more well off than he is, more well off than me! Well at least T has real friends who love and support him. And R says he doesn't care.

Sigh. I don't understand how that brain of his works. These people care for him, but he couldn't care less. I suppose he prefers friendships of the fleeting kind.

Have you checked my 2007 Archive? I've re-published some posts already. Taking time, as I'm reading and editing some (make 'em safe), but yea, some are already up.

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