Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not a Baby!

My little girl turned 9 today. It is bittersweet. I was talking to her teacher the other day and exclaimed how it all went by so fast. Sometimes I feel like I missed out on most of her toddler years.

It's hard when life hands you circumstances and you have little, if no choice. I've always dreamt of being a housewife. Sadly, it is close to impossible in my case. When A was a baby, R didn't have a job. When he had one, it paid so little, I had no choice but to keep my day job. Today, the case is more like I'm gonna need a supportive hubby first before I go on dreaming to be a housewife. Aya!

I brought home a cake from the baker's last night for A's midnight countdown. It was a choice between Barney and Mario, as these were the only ones available. A loves Mario Kart so I got her Mario.

The little one was most excited about his Ate's birthday cake. He loves the Orange Chiffon cakes at Shoppersville. Truly a classic! Brings back memories of college and the good ol' days.

A absolutely loved her cake! I love how my little lady loves the simple things in life. You give her a pen and she's thrilled. So it took me a lot of convincing to make her go on a "date" with Grandma today. "She's gonna take you on a shopping spree!" I had said excitedly.

A looks down, sad, and says, "But I promised the people in the office I'll bring them cake and ice cream. And Chooks-to-Go!" (she made little invitation cards, inviting everyone to a "party", although I made sure the folks at the office knew we'd set that for another day)

So I told her it would be okay, and that I had told them about her date with my mom. After much reassurance, she looks to me and says, "Please make sure they know because I don't want them to be disappointed. I want to give them a party because they love me and they're family to me."

I looked back and smiled. My daughter is no longer a baby. She's all grown up.


  1. happy birthday to your precious A!

  2. happy birthday to A! - Tina Tagle

  3. awww... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter A. hope she had a good one! such a cutie! inaalala nya talaga yung peepz sa office. =)


  4. yup. marunong na sya mag associate with people. time flies. it really is bittersweet. bit once she blossoms into the young woman u want her to'll be such a beautiful thing.Happy birthday, alexa!!!

  5. happy birthday to your not so little girl! :D i am sure, it is never too late to make more memories together... :) magical mommy moments! :D

  6. Belated Happy Birthday to your girl! :)
    I'll be goin on that road next when my boy turns 8 before the year ends.
    Your girl is so sweet to think about the folks in your office :)


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