Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Net Speed at 2:10am

This is my latest net speed test.

It's even worse today at 2am! Crazy!

I got a call from Globe earlier (yesterday, actually, since it is past midnight), asking about my net connection. Sure 500kbps ain't bad when they committed 1mbps (I'm on the bundle plan lang). But hey, why commit if you cannot deliver?

The girl on the line asked if I wanted their technicians to come check my net connection. And I DECLINED. If your contractors think I will wait all day for them to come during dinner, then no, thank you.

I suggest you fix that problem first before you promise me another onsite visit. We all know how the last one almost didn't happen.

*EDIT: I did a second test and it's even lower now at .30mbps/.11mbps!!! Waaah!


  1. I agree why promise 1 mbps when you can only deliver 500kbps. Most likely problem is bandwidth inadequacy. The most likely cause is over subscription of DSL users in your area and many of them (users) connecting simultaneously.

    Notice that your connection speed is up in the wee hours (12:00 MN - 5 am). This observation is true regardless of who is the DSL provider.

  2. So do you surmise that someone is hogging the net at 2am? LOL! I live in such a sleepy neighborhood. I would think they'll be sleeping at that hour. Teehee!


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