Friday, April 8, 2011

RANT: Globe Telecom/ Innove

Most of you know that my landline and broadband at home has been out of service for almost 3 weeks now (3 weeks tomorrow night!). And today, in spite of more than half a dozen calls to Globe's Customer Service, via 7301000 and 211, they have yet to take action on my numerous requests.

I first noticed that my phone was dead on the evening of March 19. I was online when I left the house, and I actually left my laptop and broadband connection on, as I made a quick trip to a nearby convenience store. When I got home, I noticed that I got disconnected from the web. So I turned off my modem, turned it on again, but still no service. I was going to call the hotline when lo and behold, the phone was dead. No dial tone, no static. Nothing. It was already past 12midnight when I tried calling Customer Service via mobile, and I was told by the recorded message to call again (seriously, I know they're cutting costs, but at least have one or two people available to man your 24-hour hotline. People get frustrated as technical problems/ stolen phones, etc do happen at night).

So I waited 'til the next morning to call. I requested for an onsite visit for Monday. That same day, as I was having Happy Lemon with my good friend JP, Globe calls me on my mobile to let me know that the onsite visit had to be cancelled. Why so? According to the girl on the line, there was an area problem and I shall receive feedback within 24 hours.

The next morning, someone from Globe did try to call me back. But I was in the shower and failed to pick up. So when I got out, I called the hotline, explained the situation and requested for feedback. No one calls back.

The following weekend, on the first week since its death, I call Globe Customer Service again, asking about my problem. No answers from the guy who took my call. They forwarded my request to technical (mind you, I have to call TWICE each time, once for landline and another one for broadband, since these two services at the hotline DO NOT coordinate, and have NO WAY of transferring the call to the next person in-charge). I waited again, no callback.

Monday morning, in the office, I call them again. This time, requesting for another onsite visit for the upcoming Wednesday (I was busy Tuesday and had to be at work early). I filed a leave with the office to accommodate the Globe Tech guys as they hardly ever come on time (I once waited 'til 1pm when I was scheduled for a 10am! And the contractors were a No-Show!). Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from Globe, once again cancelling my onsite schedule!!! What the...????!!! The girl says they are trying to fix it, as it is an area problem. But one week?!

I called again on a Friday, but still no answers on when my service will be restored. So I took the opportunity to call JO, a good friend actually working at Innove. She said she will look into it. I gave her my details and waited.

But I still tried calling Globe Customer Service on the Sunday after that but gave up because my Globe mobile phone couldn't find decent signal and the line was choppy (plus I waited more than 10 minutes na and still no one on the other end).

I called again Tuesday, and spoke with a nice guy named Nathan. Apparently, now it's a Luzon-wide problem and still no answers as to when service will be restored. This is pissing me off now, since I now have a new nanny at home (never mind the past 2 weeks since no one was at home anyway), and no phone line for emergencies and the like. He gives me a new Reference Number (#FW111040000132) and tells me that someone will call for feedback. Yea, right. He also gives me the number to call should I wish to terminate their service (since I was pretty mad on the line. But hey, my brother, who was in the room with me when I was making the call, said I was pretty calm and nice).

Yesterday, a guy from Globe called me. They finally checked the box/facility upon JO's request. He says the wires were all tangled (!) but they fixed it, and my line should be working right. I called A on the Smart Mobile at home for her to check - still dead. The guy said he just got word from the office that there was a problem in the area, but the line should be up and working by nightfall. I got home to a dead line.

Today, I called Globe's Customer Service again and finally got a new Job Order Number (#7303080) for ANOTHER Onsite visit tomorrow. After relaying the story over and over again, it gets kinda old. I've also tried communicating with Globe's Twitter service via @Talk2GLOBE and it has been frustrating, let me tell you. There are probably 20 people manning that account. The last one even commented on how nice my blog was and if my phone application has been submitted. Huh? I've sent them close to 10 DMs and yet, they don't know what they're talking about?!

So yea, today, although I must admit that I didn't want to at first, I am blogging about this, because 3 WEEKS IS WAY TOO LONG! What is going on???! I called your termination service hotline today, and I was offered a month's rebate (by Aura) if I decide to continue using your service! WHAT SERVICE, GLOBE? My phone's been dead! I have to resort to using my mobile to call a Smart line (my other mobile, which thank God I didn't terminate) because I have no way of contacting my kids and their new nanny! I have to resort to surfing the net using my office mobile and pay EXTRA for that, when actually, I should have that service at home!

I am a very patient woman, but you are testing my patience. Do you want my business or what?

Our family corporation subscribes to your service, by the way. In our head office alone, we have 124 postpaid lines and 3 landlines (excluding personal lines subscribed by family members!). Do you want our service, GLOBE? Or should we make the big switch?

*NOTE: Logo courtesy of the Facebook Rant page on Globe Telecom. To see more rants and complaints, check out the "What's Wrong With Globe Telecom?" page here.


  1. Sa Twitter, they're mostly dedma or they take 12 million years to reply.

    So what I did with my issue dati, I tweeted them, Facebooked them, called the hotline, emailed them, and then also used their Chat Assist feature on their website (ALL IN ONE DAY). When I still didn't have a solution to my problem, I did it the next day, and voila, they answered my questions na.

    So sad that their loyal customers (Globe user since 2000) have to be hassled so much para lang makakuha ng sagot sa mga problema nila. Hay naku Globe.

  2. I know. I actually have 2 landlines with them. One account is at my mom's house, and although they still get the occasional problem of no service, ang bilis ng action, palibhasa rich village. While this one with me got moved to some street lang in QC. Hahaha!

  3. Ay may discrimination?! hahahaha. Grabe naman Globe. Kesehodang sa eskinita nakatira, dapat ayusin nila customer service nila. Customers yun eh!

    Hey Globe, are you reading this?

  4. my, that sucks. 3 weeks no internet? paano pa if you have to work online from home? that happened to me once with pldt, one week no service, i had to resort to starbucks and squatting at my in-laws' place for internet. umaksyon naman yung pldt but unfortunately i had to give them A LOT of not-so-nice words in the process. i think it's good you brought up the possibility of loss of business on their part, that should make them wake up.

    this is my first time to comment by the way, but i've been a long-time reader =)

  5. Hi romy from KSA. Di rin immune ang
    dsl service d2 sa KSA. Lost my
    voice and dsl onnection about a month ago
    and reported it to Saudi Tel Com
    complaint hotline. The Filipino
    technician took only 2 days to
    isolate the problem. He said from
    the junction box up to my villa's
    telephone terminal box voice and
    dsl signal is okay. However from the
    terminal box to my telephone unit and
    dsl router signal is not going through.
    furthermore my speedtouch router is able to
    detect the dsl signal but my dsl id and
    password is not authenticated.

    after switching the wires going to my villa
    voice and dsl returned. just found out
    that saudi tel just upgraded my area's exhange
    to the cheap but capable ZTE digital exchanges.


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