Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today is Big Mouth Burger Festival Day @ Chili's!

so yea, yea, i convinced my foodie buddy and brother, KW, to head to Chili's for lunch. for today only, they are serving their big-mouth signature burgers (original price @ approximately 320+pesos each) at 88+pesos each only. i received a text message from some unknown source (thank you!) this morning, and my tummy decided that it wanted a Chili's burger for lunch and nothing else.

i was wise (nagbuhat ng bangko!). hehe. i called up Chili's Tomas Morato to book a table for 4. :) anyway, KW and i escaped from our staff meeting at 10 minutes to 12noon to rush to Chili's. Jwas "shy" so she didn't come along (syempre, special mention! hmph!), good thing SS came to the office so we took her with us instead. we got to Chili's and there was this loooooonnnngggg line of people waiting for tables. of course, because i had reserved seats earlier, i went to the front of the line to get our table. but the girl says she doesn't have my name on her list. so i asked her to ask her manager. turns out the manager, Alex, has pretty bad handwriting. the girl did get his advisory on the reservation, but thought he wrote "China" instead of Catral. hohum. good thing my mobile number was on the list, so we were able to get our table.

Amy, our server, informed us that the waiting time for burgers was about 30-40 minutes (you should have seen the faces of all those people waiting for their burgers!). we placed an order for 2 Barbecue Ranch Burgers (for KW and SS), 1 Mushroom Swiss (for me) and a Peppercorn Burger-to-go (for R, who earlier gave his regrets because he was on a "diet" but later texted to say he wanted one...). 40 minutes came and went, and still no burgers. after about 40 more minutes (and after getting a Royal Flush on my Video Poker game!!! woohooo!) and a zillion follow-ups, i called Amy and asked about our burgers and she apologized for the delay, but also said she didn't know when they'd be out from the kitchen. so i asked if she could give us chips, and she gladly gave us a complimentary basket of Nachos and Salsa. :) of course, we gobbled up the chips since we were really hungry already. 10 minutes later, i was already calling Manager Alex's attention, because our burgers were already about 2 hours late! which brings me to conclude that i should have called his attention earlier, because 5 minutes after i talked to him (and a free glass of iced tea later), he came out with our burgers! :)

it was a hearty lunch (and a pretty affordable one too), but hopefully they do better next time. i don't mind the wait but because the burgers came out super late and we were already famished, we forgot to take pics of the meal (and remembered to do so right when we were halfway through our burgers, hehe). Alex says this is the first time for them to do this, so they didn't expect the long wait, alhough ok lang because we were served well anyway. :) yum!

ps. we were waiting so long for our burgers that R came over to Chili's to get his take-out right when we were finishing off our fries. :) walang diet-diet, half-pounder ba naman ang itapat sa yo. :) thanks, Chili's. sa uulitin.

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