Saturday, April 19, 2008

Far, Far Away...

blogging from the US. was gonna blog earlier but i transferred my pics instead (i have it on draft, dami e)... anyway, the flights were terrible. there was a crying baby from Manila to Nagoya to Detroit. poor guy who sat beside the mom and her kid couldn't sleep a wink. i was an aisle away, and even i couldn't get any shut-eye.

i miss home. i miss my family so so much. i do not understand how others can just get up and leave their families to seek happiness elsewhere when your family should be synonymous to just that - happiness. i suppose it's different for others.

was able to go to Opry Mills for about two hours tonight. will be working tomorrow, so i guess that's it for shopping. :P anyway, i am here for a purpose, so i might as well make sure that i fulfill that first. but i have all the directions to all our fave stores ready... hehehe. who knows, i might be able to sneak out for an hour or two. nyar.

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