Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Weird Peaceful Feeling...

ok, so i should be happy, right? but it is as if i am expecting something bad to happen once again. i have reached the point of peace. acceptance. whatever you call it. my heart no longer thumps with every recall of photos, discoveries, conversations, conspiracy theories, etc. it's like watching a suspense thriller the nth time around and you already know every climax so it doesn't capture you the same way it did the first or second time. sigh.

so why am i fidgeting?

in other news, the Hong Kong trip went fairly well. my mom says i stress out too much. i guess she's right. it's just that... well, ok... no excuses. :( didn't really get to do much shopping because i was busy worrying about this and that. overall, my hubby behaved, save for one incident where A exclaimed to the whole world: "you know what, Nana, daddy talked to a girl from the 6th floor in the hotel. he has a new girlfriend." can you even imagine how embarrassing that was? nyar.

my parents are understanding folks. i suppose i made that clear a few posts back. but my brother says my mom worries about me. she carries the burden, and doesn't know how to deal with it. it comes out ugly (read: she sermons me). but i let it pass. she hasn't reached the same point of acceptance. it took me miles and years to get here. i'm not even sure i'm here. yet.

so will this weird peaceful feeling end soon? i am weary. i guess we just have to wait it out and see.

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