Wednesday, March 12, 2008


yesterday, when i opened my email account, i received a timely devotional from Bob. aray ko. here is part of the devotional:

What would happen if your prodigal happened to be using a search word that brought them to your posted report of, "He said...then we...I told her...she uses drugs...we decided to...the other man said..." These are not praise or prayer reports. They are gossip. The person shamed is the one who shared them, not an absent spouse. Yes, we know it is a release to unload these thoughts, but how about sending them in a personal email to us, or to your prayer partner, not to everyone in your address book? If you are serious about seeking marriage restoration, don’t share the garbage with the world. If you enjoy doing this, you may be doing it for a long while. Godly shame is enough for a prodigal to deal with, without shame generated by a misdirected stander.

If you are seriously standing with our Lord Jesus Christ for marriage restoration, spending time in His presence, and doing everything His way, you are insulated from shame, regardless of what your spouse is doing, regardless of the circumstances you are going through. Your obligation is to keep repentance on the forefront of your life.

the rest of the devotional can be found here.

so, i took down the blogs and saved them for my friends. and because i was sick yesterday and took time to read everything i've ever written about (and to, and for) my husband, i realized why i fell in love with him in the first place. my husband, R, is a good man. we've been married for 6+ years, and i love him even more than i ever did before. i know the Lord has great plans for us. the road is narrow, the burden is heavy, but my Jesus will carry me through.

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