Friday, March 7, 2008

I Figured I'd Post Something. :P

ok, so i was on a holiblog. :P i have a lot of things going on (in my head, most especially) but today, i've decided to blog. :)

there are a few things i have decided to do. first off, i am gonna make my blog on Blogger visible once again. i was thinking about it, and i've come to realize that God will be glorified even more when more people hear or rather read about the great things He has done in my life. it will take a while to click on each blog to make it public, but it will happen.

yesterday, i found out about a whole lot of things. things that i cannot even begin to comprehend. but God is great. He sent me comfort and peace. by the time i had my 3rd cry, i was feeling a wee bit on the cheerful side already. and now, i keep laughing it off. :P haay, J.

today, i have decided i will not dwell on what i've learned. instead, it will be as if i didn't know. it is better that way. can you just imagine the scandal? ha! God will deal with them. ang dami nila a. i am tempted to post pics and names and videos and what-nots, but God will fight for me. vengeance isn't mine.

and when next friday comes along... ayayay... so help me God.

ps. so you... yes you, reader of my blog... anonymous stalkers (both in the US and in Manila)... BEWARE. great is the Lord who leads the army fighting for me. i will not be moved.

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  1. reading your blog makes me think you really have a good heart but for what im also thinking right now, this is unsolicited type of advise, you might need to have professional help like psychologist. this is not because "nababaliw" ka ah! although minsan nakakabaliw talga ang sobrang love.. just a help for you to move on and move out of the relationship.

    you are devoted christian and maybe somebody out there already told you, to help and love yourself as well. kasi no matter how you tell it to your blog that you love your hubby and kids so much including GOD but if you dont love yourself first, how can you tell you are capable of giving love? parang balon lang yan ng walang tubig.

    hope you find your self worth.


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