Friday, March 14, 2008

Grabe Na To!

things are happening too fast.

yes, dugz and i are going crazy with the turn of events. i haven't been able to recover from the previous discovery, and i'm already on to the next. pati si dugz, sumasakit na ang ulo. it is just too much to digest.

but you know what? i was terribly angry earlier this afternoon, so i went to my dad and asked if he can hook me up with one of his NBI friends. and you know what my dad said? "leave it up to God. hayaan mo. let God be the one to discipline them." grabe. why isn't my heart like that?

today, i texted a friend about how hard it is to be a Christian in this evil world. imagine, if i follow that list i made about waiting on God... and i get to the part about WWJD... doesn't Jesus say to forgive 70 x 7?

i now have a headache. the message is so clear, but i am stubborn. 70 x 7? all of them?!!!

grabe, my dad is a good man.


ps. well it's friday today, and i didn't do anything. i suppose i have no choice but to forgive her. besides, she hurriedly left studio one so i didn't even have to choose between slapping her or telling her i've forgiven her. :P ha!

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