Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#FamilySundays | CHINATOWN! (PART 2)

If you missed Part 1, click here.

We decided we'd catch a late lunch x early dinner right after shopping at Mandarin Supermarket. Yaya J and I didn't get to eat lunch so we were hungry. We passed by both Wai Ying and President's on the way to Mandarin, so after asking Cai, Didi and April, we settled for Wai Ying. The restaurant was full, and we had to wait a good ten minutes before the waiter found us a table. We waited another five minutes for them to clean it up. Really, really slow service.

Wai Ying's Take Out store next to their fast food restaurant.

The server took our orders. I wanted to see if their Roast Duck rice lived up to its reputation. Unfortunately, this was what they served me.

My pathetic-looking Roast Duck Rice. :(

I was, however, very happy with my Iced Lemon Tea.

The kids and Yaya J each got Asado Rice. A said it was "okay lang." Do they really serve their roasts cold?

Asado. Yes, that's the actual color.

RL, right before he dug in. Hehehe.

RL wasn't too excited that Yaya wanted him to clean his plate. He says he was full since he had a cake after lunch at home. A didn't think of eating his leftovers though, so that says a lot about how good (or bad) this was. She actually loves Asado. So for her to pass was a surprise.

Good thing A got an order of their Pork Siomai. This was good. Unfortunately, they made us wait another 20 minutes for the bill. Turns out, they was a shift change and the servers all disappeared as they were changing out of their uniforms. So I took my troop downstairs and paid at the counter. Sigh.

Pork Siomai.

WAI YING (this visit, 2/28/16)
Food | 3
Service | 3 
Cleanliness | 4
Wait Time | 3

April says I probably just ordered the wrong things. I dunno. Maybe. But my gauge of a good roast resto would be their roasts, of course. Will try President's next time.

Halfway through my meal, I was thinking about the Fried Siopao across the street. LOL!

Shanghai Fried Siopao. 

At P17/ piece, this was a clear winner for A.

The kids unwillingly tried the bicho-bicho with sugar. RL surprisingly loved it, and went back to get another piece.

Should have gotten fruits. They have gigantic strawberries!

We wanted to explore more, but it started raining. So we ran back to Masangkay Street to get the car, drove to Mandarin Supermarket to pick up our groceries, then went off to church.

It was an afternoon well-spent. I do not regret pushing myself to go downtown. I wonder if I should push myself a little more this Sunday? LOL.


  1. i actually feel the chinese restos in the north are much better than in chinatown. you're too kind with your score sa cleanliness nila. feeling ko hindi na masarap dimsum nila. parang puro extenders na..

    1. Malinis kasi banyo. 😂

      North as in Banawe?

    2. Yeah mga banawe and other in QC area

  2. next time let us know pag nasa binonders ka. dun naman kami office pag week days, samahan ka namin


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