Monday, March 21, 2016


Note: This post originally appeared on my Facebook Page yesterday. But I am reposting it here, in case you missed it.

Because Globe has a problem with their Broadband service, and because the technician didn't come today as scheduled, I have zero access to the blog. Thus, I am leaving this here. ‪


I rushed to Rockwell this morning to catch the movie "Miracles From Heaven" with my family. Because I had to drive all the way from North QC, I barely made it to the 1240am screening. I took the first available parking slot (never mind that it was on the other side of the mall) and ran up to the theaters. T'was a nice movie. It was a great reminder to see miracles in everything around us.

We had just come out from the movie theater when I remembered I needed to get RL a pair of drumsticks for his first one-on-one music class this Tuesday. Right before separating from the rest of the family, I had asked KY where I could find a Lyric store aside from the other malls in the metro. I didn't want to go anywhere else since I was tired from yesterday. She didn't know.

As I walked to the other end of the mall where my car was parked, I was contemplating on checking the mall's directory to see if Powerplant Mall had a Lyric store. But since I didn't see a directory, I decided to just walk back to the car.

Thinking I didn't want to go to another mall after Powerplant, I asked God to help me find a store nearby. I needed one by tomorrow if we wanted RL to get to School of Rock ready for his lessons. I was planning on googling for "Lyric branches" in the car, when lo and behold, right when I was on the escalator heading to the parking basement, I spied a big sign that said LYRIC! There it was, a Lyric store INSIDE Powerplant Mall, at the Basement - right at the side where I had parked my car!

If you've ever been with me to Powerplant, you would know that I would never, ever park on this side. I have always had this preference to park at the very end where the Supermarket is located. I would never park here.

But today, for some reason I did. And there was that Lyric store, right when I needed one most.

Miracles happen. They are in everything. They are everywhere. 

"We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him..." Romans 8:28 (NCV)

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  1. wow! God is so good.. who would have thought of all the stores the one that you've been looking for is right there in front... Amazing God!


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