Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pakyaw et Pacquiao

So I woke up at 7am yesterday to get myself to the Richwell Toy Warehouse Sale early. But I guess everyone had the same idea, as the place was packed half an hour before opening time. By 930am, you couldn't breathe properly anymore. Can you spell suffocation? Hehe. But shopping alongside other shopping monsters is half the fun of any sale. We were so into scouring the shelves for great buys, I forgot to take a pic of the maddening crowd. But A and I had fun nonetheless. Must make a mental note to take a leave next year so I can shop properly during the preview.

We had to attend a party in the early afternoon so I had to skip lunch with my cousin and his wife. Since we were in the area, we decided to head to Trinoma to check out the mallwide sale as I wasn't able to do any shopping the night before. But it was crazy there as well. So A ended up doing window-cling craft at Landmark. Which was fine, because the baby was asleep and we needed to rest our feet (didn't bring a stroller since my car trunk's full with my warehouse shopping haul).

R didn't come see us all weekend. Although last night, as we drove up to our building, we did see him hanging out at the convenience store beside our lobby entrance. But no, he didn't bother coming up to see the kids. Our nanny asked the guard if he tried to come up when we were out, but was told that he didn't even try. He used the restroom to change into his gimmick clothes and he was out the door. And no, he didn't go to church with us today either. Not that Pacquiao was any reason to miss service because church was at 5pm (and Pacquiao happened over lunch). But I guess R really has moved back into his regular groove. I cannot help but feel uneasy lest he gets himself in his version of a Pacquaio vs. Cotto fight... again. And we all know which one of the two he'll play.


The Coke glasses at Mcdonald's are going fast! The Ortigas-Emerald branch have only 3 colors left. Oh and why aren't you allowed to get the glass with a Happy Meal? I think that it's rather unfair; I mean, the Happy Meals are considerably more expensive! Besides, their disclaimer says "except the P50 Saver Meals". So if they won't allow purchase with the Happy Meal, they should have included that in their disclaimer. Hmph!

In other news, the Shell Station at the same corner of Ortigas and Emerald is closed tonight. No gas? But I thought only the dealers threatened to close shop (since they couldn't afford to lose money from the gas prices Shell was charging). Shell Ortigas-Emerald is a Diwal Corp. branch, and that means, this station is company-owned. Yes, Shell-owned. So why is it closed?


The Win-a-Fireproof-DVD contest ends tonight. Any last minute entries? Send them now! I will post winners tomorrow after lunch. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Kaye,

    Hmmm... seems that R is looking for another prey again which mean another problem for him, i hope that what had happened served as a lesson for him, pero yun nga mukhang wala siyang kadala-dala.. Well, sad to say but its not funny anymore, and i guess no one will no longer care if something happens again on the future. Im just enjoying your blog for spiritual quotes and helpful tips that you posted from time to time...Just be happy Ms. Kaye, and accept the fact that R is back to his old life again...


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