Sunday, November 8, 2009


I always look forward to Sundays since there are moments during the day that we seem to be like any normal family. Today was no exception.

Went to watch All About Steve with the family today. I officially do not like Sandra Bullock. But man, she played her role so well, I wanted to leave the movie theater 10 minutes into the movie. I could hear my brother groaning from irritation as well. But overall, it was okay. In life, we come across a handful of people who do nothing but irritate us. However, some of them only mean well and have good intentions. Don't you think it's a relief that God looks straight into our hearts instead of our outward appearances?

A loves Sundays because it means we get to have lunch or dinner with my family. She loves being with my brothers since with them, she is boss. My parents love having her around. Sundays are also Time Zone days. Today, we almost won a giant plush toy! The arrow stopped on "Fate" and although the claws were supposed to grab the bear tightly, it dropped it! We complained but the supervisor said she couldn't help us because she didn't see it happen. "Next time", I told A, "I'll just get you a plush toy from the mall."

A and I attended two worship services today. We went with my folks and sibs to the early afternoon service, then again with R to the late afternoon one. Pastor T preached about worship - how our worship shouldn't end on Sundays, but instead, should go beyond Sunday and on throughout the week. I was teasing R on the way home about it. He, as Pastor T pointed out, worships like he came from Zimbabwe (kasi... Simba-uwe siya). LOL.

We met up with some of R's childhood friends after the service and spent an hour or so with them. So yea, some sense of normalcy has returned to our family life. We don't have our usual Sunday Family Days back, but we're getting there.

Pastor D, in closing, said that the way we spend our week determines how our Sundays turn out. If we are depressed all week, we tend to worship insincerely on Sundays. We don't get in the mood to pray or worship with a heart that pleases God. Wouldn't it be great if we had a heart of worship on Mondays through Saturdays too, such that the same Sunday "high" is felt all throughout the week? We actually have the opportunity to experience God every single day, that is, if we allow ourselves that. It would be amazing to be looking forward to each day and not just Sunday, don't you think? ;)

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