Saturday, November 7, 2009

Around the Corner...

Christmas is definitely around the corner. Today, I irritated my office roommate by playing Christmas songs over and over again. Well, it was actually his fault. He was the one who decided to remind me the other day that we were at 50 days 'til Christmas, plus he posted on Facebook how he wanted to savor the season. Alas, I went into my Christmas mood - Prepared my Christmas Shopping List, listened to Christmas Songs, checked out our Christmas line-up, prepared for the holidays, etc. etc.

I took A to the Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale today over at Megatrade. Lotsa good finds this year. We're planning on going again later as we were told that they were bringing out more stuff in the morning. That is, if we wake up early. The crowd wasn't as bad this year as it was last year. But then maybe that's because they occupied two halls this year. There were sufficient carts too, but I suggest you get a makeshift box cart instead, as the latter is easier to lug around the narrow aisles and shopping areas.

McDonald's has a new promo out (and it started today... er... yesterday), and this is the reason why we're skipping Tapa at Banchetto this morning... we already have 2 glasses, so 4 more to go! But sigh, I couldn't resist the Brazo de Mercedes so I still had to trek to Banchetto for that. I could hear it calling from my balcony window. LOL! We dropped by the Tapatouille stall to say "Hi!" to J and R.

Note: By the way, T (you know who you are), sure. Just ask the peeps over at Tapatouille and they'll let you know where to look. ;)

Today was a great, great day. I hope the weekend is as happy. Have a productive and blessed weekend, people!

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