Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas... 50 days away. My son's birthday is over a month away. Where do the days go? I need more hours in a day!

Went to Divisoria with my brother last week. Amazing I was able to con him into going (even his girlfriend says so). Went back after two days with A (think this is how her cough got worse, oops) to get our Halloween swag (we gave out glow sticks on top of our usual candy this year). The place is swarming with people. Got the usual stuff, went to suppliers, etc. In a few weeks, you won't need to walk in Divisoria, because people will be pushing you forward. LOL! But really, I love the place! Saw a group of foreigners when we were there last. They were touring the place on their own, no guides! A couple had their DSLRs with them! I wonder if they survived.

How fast does time fly? It's the end of the first work week of November tomorrow, and what did I accomplish this week? Nada. I went to work today only to find myself with a huge headache the size of Texas by 4pm! I can't afford to get sick again! Budget meeting tomorrow, and I still have nothing on my plate. Nyar.

In other news...
>>> Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale starts tomorrow through Sunday! BDO Rewards and SM Advantage Card holders get sneak peak tomorrow...
>>> Richwell Kiddie Craze 2010 Sale starts next Saturday!

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