Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Style Bulok

Each time R sends me a text message that says "San kayo?", I already know that R is up to no good. I received one tonight, and I was contemplating on whether I needed to reply... I mean, where would we be but at home? Unlike him, I value time with my kids. I seldom go out without them, and if I do, I make sure it is a once-a-week thing (since I am at work all day, everyday) and not something I do all the time. I mean, kids don't remain kids for long, and my, time flies!

So I replied with "Bakit?"

And as predicted, I got another text that said "San nga kayo?"

Hello, R, I already know. So if you wish to spend time with someone else, or with your "friends" or gym mates or whatever, I do not care. There is more to life than wondering if you're still fooling around or if you've changed or if you're back to regular programming, etc. This is my life. You are not the star of my show.

Besides, style mo, bulok.


I apologize for this post. I just get so irritated when he thinks I think the way he does, because I don't! Duh.


  1. [sigh] He is like a Pinoy telenovela that I watched earlier. Same old stupid predictable plot played on extended 12" remix. Annoying. Heck. I still watch it, just the same.

  2. what a douchebag!


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