Thursday, October 29, 2009

Contest! Win a Fireproof DVD!

Hello readers! Would you want to win your very own Fireproof DVD? Well, I have a contest for you!

There are two ways to join this contest, the mechanics are as follows:

Write a review about the movie Fireproof on your blog and post a link to your blog entry on the comments section of THIS post.

Edit: If you do not own a blog, you may write a review directly on the comments section of THIS post.

Haven't watched Fireproof, but would like to own the video? Blog about how far you've gone to save your marriage, and post a link to your blog entry on the comments section of THIS post.

Edit: If you do not own a blog, you may tell us how far you've gone to save your marriage by posting directly on the comments section of THIS post.

There will be two winners for this contest - one from each Category. Best blog entry from each category will win an original Fireproof DVD from House of Praise.

Contest Duration: From 12:01 am, Friday, 30 October 2009 'til 11:59 pm, Thursday, 12 November 2009. Winners will be announced on Monday, 16 November 2009. Contest is open to all Philippine residents. Readers not residing in the Philippines may still join the contest, provided that they have a relative in the Philippines who may claim the prize. NO ANONYMOUS ENTRIES PLEASE. YOU MAY USE A NICKNAME OR A USER ID, BUT YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE A VALID NAME AND ID WHEN CLAIMING THE PRIZE.


  1. alright.. if only I am good with words.. hahaha shocks!

  2. The DVDs I am giving away are Special Collector's Edition DVDs that include Bible Study Guides, Commentaries, etc. Your reviews need not be long, they could be just one or two sentences. :) If in Metro Manila, you may claim your prize at a House of Praise outlet nearest you. :)

  3. um...mahirap mag fireproof ng marriage kung wala kang marriage. tapos di ko pa napanood ito...*facepalm*. entry: void. haha!

  4. You had me thinking K... big time. I love it when you make me wonder... hehehe

    anyway... I've been asking myself for a few days now, how far I've gone to save your marriage.
    We'll I've been married for 12 years.. Its not a long time but like any other marriages there are ups and downs. I tried to understand my partner esp his being "not there". I feel so alone in this marriage most of the time, I so wanted to cut the ties a couple of times. But after shedding all the tears, getting frustrated and all..I'll wake one morning ready to face another day with him.
    I think like you I fireproof my marriage by praying to God to lead me the way. I listen more to him than to my family and friends. Would you believe that even my in laws ( sis and bro ) would tell me that it's ok if I call it quits one day - they said they would understand.. ( ack! ) I find it weird for them to say that. They should be the ones helping me cross the road.
    Because sometimes when our road is rocky...we dont really need to quit. But we should equipt ourselves with things that will help us cross the rocky road.

    So that's what I am doing... I just keep on praying... attend counseling ... I pray for understanding, strength and God gives it to me. Now all I have to do is be PATIENT as walk through our marriage , hold my partner's hand and remind him that we are committed to each other, if he cant take the lead, I will. If he cant walk as fast as I am, I'll slow down for him. I'll halt, slow down, sit and wait but never forgetting to focus on making our marriage stronger as we BOTH fulfill God's plan for us and our family.

    Another thing that I stopped doing to fire-proof our marriage is to stop EXPECTING. Expecting a lot from your partner creates frustration. Frustration leads to sadness and disappointments and eventually Disappointments will lead to hurting and end of marriage.



    Kaye, I tagged you in my FB Account :-)


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