Saturday, October 31, 2009

Snooze Time

The house is finally quiet. The kids are pooped. It was our annual Halloween Event here at our place. As usual, the kids had too much sweets to even feel like sleeping early. But yes, they are finally asleep; Hello, peace and quiet!

I need to catch up on sleep. I will be yaya-less over the holidays, so I need to get my energy level up. Was able to book our annual Hong Kong trip for next year - thanks to 5J and their Piso Fare Promo. :) God must love me so much! I didn't have problems booking and buying the tickets. Spent less than 10 minutes on the site. Whereas, my friends have been trying all night just to get their promo tickets, but to no avail. I am blessed. :)

So now, while all of my friends stay up to get their flights, I shall get some much-needed snooze. Good night, world! Another typhoon on the way. Stay safe, everyone!

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