Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Week Buzzes By...

Almost lost a wheel on the road yesterday. I swear, that was like the most stressful part of the week. Nyar. But the week flew by almost uneventful, so I am thankful still. We trekked to Banchetto last night to have the famous Korean Tapa at Tapatouille. It's been a while so that was a treat! A fell asleep on the monoblock chair while J and I talked about the future of our booming business. We're preparing our fields, and trusting God to send in the rain. :)

Was supposed to volunteer for Kids Church service at Ultra today, but didn't wake up on time. :( A has a party later so we can't do the afternoon service either. Oh well. I have no nanny over the weekend so it will be a challenge to keep my food cooked and fish fed on FB. But days like these are priceless. My kids grow up too fast!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. wow i cant help but smile because i can really sense the Holy Spirit just working in you right now. You are getting more relaxed now. Just keep focusing on Jesus, the great lover our soul. He makes all things new and i can sense that He is doing to you and through you. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION to a lot of ladies.God bless you richly


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