Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I got myself a new Bible today. My old Bible is all worn-out. And although I was really leaning towards getting an NLT or an NCV translation, I felt this one call out to me. Hehe. Really, I've never felt so drawn to getting a Bible.

So today, I bought an NIV Trimline Bible in Cherry/ Cherry Italian Duotone.

Ah! I love the smell of new books! Beautiful, don't you think? :)

In other news, A has a Filipino test tomorrow. We were all set to study, but she has once again escaped from me. I found her sound asleep on her bed, with her Binhi book under her head. :( I guess that means we're waking up early tomorrow. I guess that also means I'm cutting this entry short. Nyar. Goodnight, peeps!


  1. i have my nkjv bible in purple and the message in purple as well. God bless you more and more

  2. King James i think is the best.


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