Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Banchetto Morning

A was supposed to run the 3K at Race For Life today. But I was too pooped from last night's activities to wake up on time. :P She was disappointed as this was gonna be her first run ever. As consolation, I took her and the baby to Banchetto on Emerald to visit JP at Tapatouille (My business partner J and I were actually at Banchetto past midnight to get our weekly Korean Tapa fill). There is something about Tapatouille that keeps you coming back for more. I don't mind having their Korean Tapa at night, then the Spicy one in the morning. No kidding. :)

It's interesting how people of all sorts troop to Banchetto during the weekend. At night, it is mostly folks from nearby call centers. You'll see men checking out girls. Men checking out other men. Women dressed-to-kill and then there are those dressed-to-be-killed. ;) Yes, all sorts. It is a scene to behold. Free entertainment. J and I would sit on the steps in front of PLDT and look around in amusement.

This morning, while waiting for our order, two gals dressed to the Ts approached the Tapatouille booth. After placing their orders, I noticed one look down. She then proceeds to spit out her gum on the pavement. How appalling! Girl, you can be dressed-to-kill and yet, when you cannot carry yourself the way educated, well-mannered women carry themselves... then forget it. She spent the next 5 minutes looking at us from the corner of her eye because she knew we saw what she did. A kept saying "eeew", so much so that the girl turned red. LOL. Serves her right.


Was planning on going to MOA today. But my FIL called to say he might come and visit. I wonder how that will play out. Nyar.

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