Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parenting Digest Look-back 20 April 2006

Yesterday, while browsing through messages on gmail, I found some of my digests from my SP days. I laughed at memories, both good and bad, and looking back, I can only say that God has always been good to me. I've decided to post some of the funny stories about A here, such that the stories don't get lost. This way, I have something to smile (and laugh) about each time I need a pick-me-upper. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Parenting Digest 20 April 2006
On one of our drives to the beach over the Holyweek, A was trying to catch everyone's attention in the car. She was tapping my shoulder and saying "Mommy, J, Mommy, J" (calling me and her nanny at the same time). I wasn't looking at her so I didn't know she was also trying to get her nanny's attention. So I said... "A, my name isn't J. What's mommy's name?" To which she replied... "uhhh... K!" So i said, "Right, so it's Mommy K!"

After a bit of thought, A, always the comic, says... "Aaaaa... Mommy K, Daddy R, Yaya J and A A! (repeating her name twice)" hehehehehe...


Na-gets niyo? hehehe.

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  1. Smart aleck that daughter of yours. :-) As usual, the mother's IQ is passed on genetically to the child.


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