Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride

How many roller coasters have you ridden? There was a time when my brothers and I would ride roller coasters over and over again, and we'd make note of the number of times we rode on this or that one. I swear, we were roller coaster crazy. Once, one of my brothers even got a bruise on his back from riding the same roller coaster over 20 times in one day. When in the US, we'd troop to the big theme parks and do the roller coasters over and over again. The big ones like The Goliath or The Dueling Dragons were always on our list, and we'd run to fall in line again and again, just so we'd get our ride count up. Yes, I love roller coasters. That is, I used to love roller coasters.

I have been riding on this one particular roller coaster for so, so long now. Each time I decide I've had enough, I'd swear to get off, only to find myself getting on it again. No, it is not just the marriage thing, in case you were wondering. But sigh, yes, a lot of things. I don't know what's wrong with me. This roller coaster is deceiving. It scares the hell out of me. Each time I get off, it calls out to me like a shiny, new toy. And when I'm on it, I get so sick, so much so I want to get off. It is the roller coaster called Everyday Life Problems. :P


This Patience Dare is just not my thing. Slow to speak, slow to anger. Boy, did that fly out the window faster than you could say fast. :( And today wasn't better than last night. This afternoon, I had a short spat with my mom. Short because it lasted a good whole minute (maybe even less). And I wanted to keep quiet, but my tongue lashed out a statement so fast, I knew it was wrong the moment the first word left my mouth. Ha-ya!

Must get off the roller coaster and fall in line once more. Tomorrow, I shall start Day One. Again.

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  1. I can relate with the emotional roller coaster rides. But I have a default mechanism that shuts down the ride when I feel toxic. I get off and never turn back...until I see a new ride and tell myself to give it a try. :-)


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